A bitly hash that identifies a unique URL.

To understand how this target works, consider a case where two independent users generate a link to a page; let's use as our example page. The two users each receive a unique hash. These unique hashes enable bitly to track statistics for each user's link independently. The links both lead to ultimately, but they are different.

To keep track of the overall statistics for links to that page, bitly generates one extra hash, which encompasses everyone's bitly links to the page. You can filter on this hash using bitly.url_hash.

Use this target: For this purpose:
bitly.share.hash Filter on one particular user's link to (and ignore everyone else's links to
bitly.url_hash Filter for all bitly links to

An example of a hash is R7lbKz. Hashes appear directly in the URLs that bitly generates. Click on this one now to try it:


  1. Filter for clicks on a bitly link that we created leading to the homepage:

bitly.share.hash == ""

Other bitly users might also have created bitly links to but clicks on their links are ignored by this filter.

Resource information

Target service: Bitly

Type: string

Array: No

Always exists: No