If blog.type is "post", this target contains the title of a blog post without tags.

If blog.type is "comment", this target contains either the title associated with the comment (if there is a title) or the first few words of the comment without tags.


  1. Filter for blog posts with "PHP" and the version number "5.3" or "5.4" in their title;

    blog.title cs contains "PHP" and
    blog.title_stripped any "5.3, 5.4" and
    blog.type == "post"

  2. Filter for comments on blog posts. The comment must contain "iPad";

    blog.title_stripped contains "iPad" and
    blog.type == "comment"

  3. Filter for blog posts with "Switzerland" in their title or blog comments that contain the word "Switzerland":

    blog.title_stripped contains "Switzerland"

  4. Filter for selected terms in a blog title and other selected terms in comments:

    (blog.type == "post" and blog.title_stripped cs any "Republican, GOP")
    (blog.type == "comment" and blog.title_stripped any "Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum")

Resource information

Target service: Blog

Type: string

Array: No

Always exists: No