Please note that this is not a real-time data feed. We receive data in batches and deliver it to you as soon as it reaches us.

Name Type Contents
board.age int

The number of seconds since a board post was published. int

The author's age. string

A link to the author's avatar on the on the board where they posted. string

The author's gender. string

A link to the user's homepage or profile. string

The author's location. string

The 'real' name supplied by the author of a message board post. int

A flag that indicates whether the author of a message is a registered user. string

An author's signature text on the message board. string

The username of an author who posted a message.

board.content string

The main content of a post.

board.contenttype string

The format of a post.

board.domain string

The domain of the site from which a post was generated. string

A link to a message board post.

board.thread string

A link to the first message in a thread.

board.threadtitle string

The title of the thread a comment was left on.

board.title string

The title of a post.

board.type string

Indicates whether a message starts a new board thread.