Name Type Contents
lexisnexis.age int

The number of seconds since a post was published.

lexisnexis.article.byline string

The byline for the author of an article.

lexisnexis.article.content string

The text of an article.

lexisnexis.article.length int

The approximate length of the body of an article (usually the number of words).

lexisnexis.article.title string

The headline of an article.

lexisnexis.article.type string

The media type of an article, for example newspaper or webpage.

lexisnexis.docinfo.lnlni string

LexisNexis’ primary key for articles.

lexisnexis.indexing.city.item.term array(string)

Index terms for cities identified in a document.

lexisnexis.indexing.company.item.term array(string)

Index terms for companies identified in a document.

lexisnexis.indexing.country.item.term array(string)

Index terms for countries identified in a document.

lexisnexis.indexing.industry.item.term array(string)

Index terms for industries identified in a document.

lexisnexis.indexing.organization.item.term array(string)

Index terms for organizations identified in a document.

lexisnexis.indexing.state.item.term array(string)

Index terms for states identified in a document.

lexisnexis.indexing.subject.item.term array(string)

Index terms for subjects identified in a document.

lexisnexis.indexing.ticker.item.term array(string)

Index terms for stock tickers identified in a document.

lexisnexis.language string

The language in which an online document is written.

lexisnexis.links array(string)

The URLs linked from an article.

lexisnexis.load.date string

The date a document was loaded into LexisNexis.

lexisnexis.source.name string

The designation given to a document, collection, or series of documents by its publisher.