Name Type Contents
newscred.age int

The number of seconds since a post was published.

newscred.article.authors array(string)

A list of the authors of an article.

newscred.article.category string

The subject category assigned to an article.

newscred.article.content string

The main content of an article.

newscred.article.domain array(string)

The domain a story appears at (if it was published online).

newscred.article.fulltext int

Flag set to 1 if the article contains the full text version of the contents.

newscred.article.title string

The title of an article.

newscred.article.topics array(string)

A set of topics assigned to a news article.

newscred.source.circulation int

The circulation figure for the source publication.

newscred.source.company_type string

The type of organization from which the content originated. string

The home country of the organization that published the content.

newscred.source.domain string

The domain of the site that provided the content.

newscred.source.founded string

The year when the publisher was founded. string

A link to the publisher's website.

newscred.source.media_type string

The type of media an item comes from; eg. blog or mainstream. string

The name of the organization that the content came from.

newscred.type string

Indicates that the content is an article.