The id of a post being reblogged.

Often a post being reblogged is, itself, a reblog. There may be a chain of reblogs, all the way back to the original post. You can filter on the original post using tumblr.reblogged.root.id.

Tumblr changed the name of this data field on February 28, 2015. If you want to run historics queries against our archive for data stored prior to this date, please use tumblr.reblogged.from.id in your CSDL. For historics queries after this date use tumblr.reblogged.parent.blogid.


  1. Filter for reblogs of a post:

    tumblr.reblogged.parent.blogid == "12345678900"

  2. Filter or reblogs of a list of posts:

    tumblr.reblogged.parent.blogid in "12345678900, 88888888888, 98765432100"

Resource information

Target service: Tumblr

Type: string

Array: No

Always exists: No