The name of the root blog from which content is being reblogged.

The tumblr.reblogged.root.title target holds the title of the post that is being reblogged.

These targets are useful when there is a chain of reblogs. As an example, consider this sequence of events:

  1. User A posts a blog.
  2. User B reblogs user A's blog.
  3. User C reblogs user B's reblog.

The tumblr.reblogged.root.name target contains the name of the blog for user A on which the post originally appeared. No matter how long a chain of reblogs happens to be, this target always refers back to the original post.

If you want to filter using the name of the blog that was reblogged (for example, tracking all reblogs of User B's reblog), you can use the tumblr.reblogged.from.name target.


  1. Filter for reblogs of any post from a specified blog:

tumblr.reblogged.root.name == "DataSift"

Resource information

Target service: Tumblr

Type: string

Array: No

Always exists: No