This target is useful when there is a chain of reblogs followed by a like or unlike. As an example, consider this sequence of events:

  1. User A posts a blog.
  2. User B reblogs user A's blog.
  3. User C reblogs user B's reblog.
  4. User D likes user C's reblog.

The tumblr.root.blogid target contains the id of the primary blog for user A no matter how long the chain of reblogs happens to be. For any of the reblogs in the chain, the tumblr.root.blogid target always refers back to the original.

Alternatively, the tumblr.root.postid target allows you to filter on the id of the blog that the root post appeared on.


  1. Filter for likes or unlikes of reblogs, perhaps in a chain, of any post mentioning "coffee" on any blog in a specified list:

interaction.content contains "coffee" and
tumblr.root.blogid in "123456789, 888888888, 987654321"

Resource information

Target service: Tumblr

Type: string

Array: No

Always exists: No