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NoteTwitter location data is available only if a Twitter user chooses to activate it. For each individual Tweet, they can choose whether or not to include location data and which location they want to specify, regardless of their real location. For example, a user in New York City could select Edinburgh, Scotland as the purported origin of a Tweet. If they choose not to include location data, all the* targets are unpopulated for that Tweet.

Typically, a shortened version of For example:

If is this: might be this:
Charlotte, NC Charlotte
London, England London
Division No. 11, Alberta Division No. 11

Note that a maps to a unique but, in the reverse direction, one might correspond to many different values.

In other words, this filter: == "London, England"

always produces objects with set to "London".

But this filter: == "London"

produces objects with set to "London, England" or "London, KY" and, almost certainly, other values too.


  1. Filter for Tweets for which the user-supplied location information is London: == "London"

  2. Filter for Tweets from locations called London that are outside the United Kingdom: == "London"
    and != "GB"

Resource information

Target service: Twitter

Target object: Twitter: Place

Type: string

Array: No

Always exists: No