A list of Twitter hashtags mentioned in a Retweet.

When using this target for filtering, ensure that you use the correct operator with this target.

  • For one hashtag, use the == operator
  • For a list of two or more hashtags, use the in operator

Since this target is an array and we are filtering for a list of values, we are using the == or in operator (not contains or contains_any).


  1. Filter for Retweets that mention #LadyGaga or #Beyonce or #Shakira":

twitter.retweet.hashtags IN "LadyGaga, Beyonce, Shakira"

Note that the argument is "LadyGaga" and not "#LadyGaga"; you do not need to include the hashtag symbol in the CSDL.

Resource information

Target service: Twitter

Target object: Twitter: Retweet

Type: array(string)

Array: Yes

Always exists: No