The number of people who follow a Retweeting user divided by the number of people the user follows on Twitter.

This information relates to the Retweeting user and has nothing to do with the author of the original Tweet.


  1. Filter for Retweets sent by Twitter users who are followed by 10 times more people than they follow:

    twitter.retweet.user.follower_ratio >= 10

  2. Filter for Retweets from authors who have posted more than 10,000 Tweets and who are followed by 50 times more people than they follow:

    twitter.retweet.user.statuses_count > 10000
    AND twitter.retweet.user.follower_ratio >= 50

    Note that we user twitter.retweet.user.statuses_count in the code rather than twitter.user.statuses_count because the twitter.user namespace might not be present for Retweets.

Resource information

Target service: Twitter

Target object: Twitter: Retweet

Type: float

Array: No

Always exists: No