Allows you to filter for Retweets by authors whose accounts have been verified. The verification process typically applies to individuals and organizations in the public eye, and serves to confirm that the person really is who they claim to be. For example, if you visit Bill Gates' Twitter page, you'll notice a white checkmark over a blue background next to his name. This is Twitter's icon for a verified account.


  1. Filter for Retweets by verified users of Tweets by verified users:

    twitter.retweet.user.verified exists and
    twitter.retweeted.user.verified exists

  2. Filter for Retweets by unverified users of Tweets by verified users:

    not twitter.retweet.user.verified exists and
    twitter.user.verified exists

  3. Filter for Retweets by verified users of Tweets by unverified users:

    twitter.retweet.user.verified exists and
    not twitter.user.verified exists


  1. This target is an integer. If the account has been verified, twitter.retweet.user.verified is set to 1.

  2. If the user is unverified, the target is not populated.

  3. DataSift offers three similar targets that help you to filter for content by verified users:
twitter.user.verified Filter for Tweets by verified users
twitter.retweet.user.verified Filter for Retweets by verified users. The author of the original Tweet might or might not be vertified.
twitter.retweeted.user.verified Filter for Retweets of Tweets by verified users. The Retweeting user might or might not be verified.

Resource information

Target service: Twitter

Target object: Twitter: Retweet

Type: int

Array: No

Always exists: No