The number of Tweets a user has favorited.

Twitter use the UK spelling, "favourite_count" in their output, and we follow their convention, both in our target name and our output.


  1. Filter for Tweets about ice cream from users who have favorited more than 50 Tweets:

twitter.user.favourites_count > 50
and twitter.text contains "ice cream"


Take care when you use this target in isolation. For example, this filter for Tweets from users who have favorited more than 25 Tweets looks fine, but since most Twitter users have favorited that many Tweets, your filter will return almost the entire Twitter firehose in real time:

twitter.user.favourites_count > 25

If you ran this filter you would quickly reach your rate limit.

Resource information

Target service: Twitter

Target object: Twitter: User

Type: int

Array: No

Always exists: No