A Twitter user's 'real' name. Since this is a free-text entry field in the Twitter settings, it could contain anything. It could be the user's genuine name, perhaps augmented with a title (such as Dr or Professor), a suffix (such as "BA" or "Jnr" or "III"), or a post nominal (such as "FRSC" or "FAIA") indicating membership of an organization or professional body.

The range of possibilities is wide and includes obvious parody accounts, and accounts that are run by companies or organizations. For instance, the @climagic account, which Tweets about Unix-based computer operating systems, has a "real name" of Command Line Magic.

Note that a Twitter user can adjust their real name over time. They can change their screenname (for example @LadyGaga) too, but their Twitter id cannot be changed.


  1. Filter for Tweets from users who have included "doctor" in their real name: substr "doctor"

Resource information

Target service: Twitter

Target object: Twitter: User

Type: string

Array: No

Always exists: No