Please note that this is not a real-time data feed. We receive data in batches and deliver it to you as soon as it reaches us.

Name Type Contents
video.age int

The number of seconds since a video was published. string

A link to the author's avatar on the service hosting their video. string

Link to an author's homepage or profile on the system hosting their video. string

The 'real' name supplied by a video's author. string

The author's username on the service to which they uploaded their video.

video.category string

The 'category' selected for the video when it was uploaded.

video.commentslink string

A link to the comments page for a video.

video.content string

The text associated with a video.

video.contenttype string

The format of a post.

video.domain string

The domain of a video's host site.

video.duration int

The duration of a video.

video.tags array(string)

List of the 'tags' selected for the video when it was uploaded.

video.thumbnail string

A thumbnail photo associated with the video.

video.title string

The title of a video.

video.type string

Indicates whether this is a new video or a comment about an existing video.

video.videolink string

A link to the page that displays a video.