The 'category' selected for the video when it was uploaded. It is populated for videos but not for comments on videos.


  1. Filter for videos that belong to one of the "news" categories.

video.category substr "news"


Remember that the video targets come from a wide range of video host sites, so the content of video.category could vary greatly from site to site. Here are some sample values that we have seen:

Arts/Filmmaking generic News/US News
Arts/Writing & Publishing Health/Diet & Nutrition News/Weather
Auto/Automotive Health/Substance Abuse News/World News
Auto/Car Shows Home/Green Living Parenting/Parenting Tips
Auto/Models & Reviews Home/Home Improvement People/Others
Business/Business Tips Knowledge/History short films
Business/Career Coaching Knowledge/Nature Spiritual/Astrology
cars Knowledge/Science Sports/Boxing
documentary Music/Guitar Sports/News
Entertainment/Celebrity News Music/Interviews Sports/Soccer
Entertainment/Pop Culture Music/Live Performances Tech/Mac
Entertainment/TV News/Auto News Tech/Mobile
Entertainment/Virals News/Business News Tech/Tablets & eReaders
Fashion/Others News/Europe News Travel/North America
Food/American News/General News Video Games/Game Trailers
Food/Drinks News/Middle East News Video Games/Mobile

Resource information

Target service: Video

Type: string

Array: No

Always exists: No