A link to the author's talk page on Wikipedia. For example, for a Wikipedia member with the username Datasift, their talk page for the English-language version of Wikipedia would be:

From Wikipedia:

"A talk page (also known as a discussion page) is a page which editors can use to discuss improvements to an article or other Wikipedia page. The talk page associated with an article is named "Talk:Example", where "Example" is the name of the article. For example, the talk page for discussion of improvements to the article Australia is named Talk:Australia. The talk page associated with a page in another namespace is named by adding "talk" after the namespace label; for example, the talk page for Wikipedia:About is called Wikipedia talk:About.

User pages also have associated talk pages (for example, User talk:Jimbo Wales). When other editors need to contact you, they will usually do this by leaving a message on your talk page." Read more


  1. Filter for John Doe's user page: == "User_talk:JohnDoe"

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