Wikipedia's namespace code for this page.

These codes are integers. Each code also has a name (of type string), available in the wikipedia.namespace target.


  1. Filter for changes to template pages:

wikipedia.ns == 10


Here are the values you will find in wikipedia.ns, together with their equivalent wikipedia.namespace definitions. You may occasionally find values higher than 15; these are custom values and have no meaning within DataSift. At the time of writing, Wikipedia does not document the custom values.

wikipedia.ns wikipedia.namespace
-2 Media
-1 Special
0 Main
1 Talk
2 User
3 User talk
4 Project
5 Project talk
6 File
7 File talk
8 MediaWiki
9 MediaWiki talk
10 Template
11 Template talk
12 Help
13 Help talk
14 Category
15 Category talk

Resource information

Target service: Wikipedia

Type: int

Array: No

Always exists: Yes