The language in which a blog is written.

See also wordpress.article.lang which holds the language in which an individual post on the blog is written.

For further details, take a look at the Wordpress documentation.


  1. Filter for blog posts written in English, French, Italian, or Spanish:

wordpress.blog.lang in "en, fr, it, es"


Here are some sample values taken from a live stream from Wordpress:

af ar az bg
bn br bs ca
cs cy da de
el el-po en es
et eu fa fi
fil fo fr fr-be
fr-ca fr-ch fur fy
ga gl gu he
hi hr hu hy
id is it ja
ka kk km kn
ko la lt lv
mk ml mn mr
ms nl nn no
pa pl ps pt
pt-br ro ru sc
si sk sl so
sq sr su sv
ta te th tl
tr uk ur uz
va vi zh zh-cn
zh-hk zh-tw

Resource information

Target service: WordPress

Type: string

Array: No

Always exists: No