Create Simple Filters

Creating a Filter

Query Builder is an editor which creates conditions to filter data from enabled data sources.

To create a simple filter using Query Builder:

  1. Click the Create Filter button on the Filters page.

  2. Enter a Name for the new filter and optionally, a Description. In this example, the filter name is Starbucks Filter. There are two choices of editor, Query Builder and CSDL Code Editor. Select Query Builder and click Start Editing.

    TIP: Multiple streams can have the same name so devise your own naming convention.

    Query Builder allows multiple filter conditions to be combined to generate the content for an output stream. The new stream definition opens with no filter conditions.

  3. Click Create New Filter to create the first filter condition.

  4. A list of enabled sources is shown. Use the left and right arrows to scroll for more sources. If a required source is not visible, it may not be enabled.

  5. When a source is chosen, the targets within the source are shown. In this example, the filter condition will be applied to the TWEET message from the Twitter source.

  6. Depending on the source and target chosen, there may be more target layers to select from. In the example of filtering on the message in a tweet, the text and an operator must be selected.

  7. With this target, there are multiple operators to allow matching of text strings in a variety of ways.

  8. When entering multiple words for Contains or Contains words near, press enter between each word as shown below. Text strings are not case sensitive unless the ‘Aa’ button is selected.

  9. When the filter condition is complete, click Save and Preview. A summary of the new filter condition is shown.