Migrating from PowerTrack to STREAM

These resources cover all you need to know when migrating your solution from Gnip to the DataSift platform.

Introducing DataSift

Learn more about the DataSift platform with these introductory guides.

What is DataSift STREAM? Developer Quick Start Client Library Quick Starts

Migrating to DataSift

Learn how to migrate your Gnip-based solution to the DataSift platform.

Migrating from Gnip to DataSift >

Translating powerTrack rules to CSDL >

PowerTrack to CSDL cheat sheet >

Optimizing migrated CSDL filters >

Further resources

DataSift REST API >
Complete documentation of our REST API.

CSDL language >
A guide to CSDL, DataSift's filtering and tagging language.

Tumblr targets >
Complete documentation of data fields available for the Tumblr data source.

Account and billing >
Learn more about how we bill you for the use of the platform.