If you are having trouble using DataSift, here is the recommended plan of action (in order):

DataSift Status

Consult the documentation first. If you believe you are having problems with the DataSift platform, please refer first to our Status page to view real-time information on the status of each of our services. @DataSiftAPI is also updated to reflect the status of the platform.

DataSift Community

The official DataSift developer forums are located on Both DataSift employees and the DataSift developer community will regularly check, update, and answer questions in the forum.

If you are having issues with the DataSift platform, or have a tip or advice for the DataSift developer community, post it there, but please search the previous discussions before opening a new thread.

DataSift Support

Our Support help desk is also available at This is primarily for subscription customers, but our support team will try to reply to every message received there.

If you have exhausted the above list of resources and feel confident your needs cannot be met there, or you need to speak directly to a support agent, or you have billing or account queries, contact the support team.

Full details of DataSift's support terms can be found on our customer support terms page.

DataSift Training

We provide a range of training options to customers. Read more about our training services here.